Why Choose Us?

Unmatched quality control, advanced equipment & software to ensure pin point accuracy grading and service. No biased, severely subjective opinions, just grading.


We use an assisted software when grading your collectibles, there is no subjectivity, bias or room for error. Our software helps us with Centering score and finding abnormalities/damage on a card easier. This allows for authentically unbiased results, accurate precise grading with consistency. In addition to this, our graders ensure quality control and authenticity by overlooking the card with various equipment that includes forensics lighting, scopes, over head lamps and more. This allows us to stay consistent across the board, having the card(s) go through multiple stages. Even with laser scanning, you can not bypass the true form of holding, feeling and seeing a card with human interaction. We believe this is paramount to ensure accurate grading.

Live Pop Report

We have one of the most highly advanced live pop report systems, setting a new industry standard that includes high resolution photos of your graded card(s) *as they happen*. Along side detailed information from sub grades, how many were graded higher, even the date that your card(s) was graded! Not to mention details about each sub grade and any defects we may have found.

Streamlined Submissions

Our easy to use, simplistic online submission forms are next generation. Providing you with easy to follow subsets, making it easier than ever before to submit cards. No longer will you have to manually fill out hand written forms or extra set information. Instead, fill out a short, simple online form and be on your way. We handle the rest! Our research and development team will file your card accordingly, giving you more time to do other things and letting us handle the work load for you. Welcome to next generation submitting, Valiant Grading Advantage

Quality Advantages We Offer

  1. 1
    No additional fees.

    No upcharges for subgrades, autographs or error cards. We also do not charge handling fee's, so the price you see is what you pay.

  2. 2
    No frosted holders.

    Crystal clear optics in our encasement holders, unlike you've ever seen before with a UV resistant coating.

  3. 3
    No tacky designs.

    Gone are the days of out dated labels from older companies. Custom labels that match your card without being tacky or overwhelmingly done. Simplistic, yet added eye appeal for long term collectability.

  4. 4
    Standard look.

    For the collectors that find a more modest look to better suit their needs, we also have a default label that caters to a more simplistic crowd, with added security and a style you can be proud to own.

  5. 5
    Forever evolving.

    We are constantly changing our production methods, end product, label quality and design/submission portal to better suit the needs of the market and collectors as a whole. VGA will never stay stagnant, however evolve with the market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

Do you guarantee your turn around times?
Turn around times are estimates only and times may vary. However, we do have a system implemented into our submission portal that allows us to pause certain turn around times once we hit a certain threshold. It does this automatically and will also automatically re-open once we get below a specific threshold. This ensures we do not get overwhelmed with orders and can stay on top of our turn around times as much as possible.
Can I submit all of my cards together if they have different service tiers or would they need to be submitted separately?
Each service level and type of submission will need to be submitted separately in terms of our online form with their own submission form and charges. However, you may ship all of these submissions to us in the same box, bearing in mind that they will have to be shipped back separately because of different turn arounds. Please make sure you are printing each packaging slip for each tier in the same box.
In regards to the holder, what does "tamper-evident" mean?
Tamper-evident means that if someone does attempt to violate the holder, it will leave some evidence that the holder has been compromised. There are different ways that the holder will show evidence. One way the VGA holder may show tampering is what is commonly referred to as "frosting" along the edges where the clear plastic starts to exhibit a cloudy or some what pitch white appearance. In some cases, you can actually see minor fractures or cracks in the plastic as a result of the violation. This occurs when the sonic weld is broken and can be seen in various degrees.
What type of cards can I submit?
You can find a full list of card types we currently grade, even card types we don't currently grade on our what we grade page here - What We Grade
How can I update or change my address on a current VGA order?
To change your address on any current orders, please email Help@ValiantGrading.com. Please have your order number(s) and new address ready & provide it in your email.